Resonator Records is a Brighton based label, owned by Artist & Producer Simon Scardanelli.

Founded in 2002 with the release of the debut album by
Surinder Sandhu - SauRang Orchestra (which featured Steve Vai guesting on guitars), Resonator expanded to include works by Australian classical guitarist Roland Chadwick (since deleted) and a further album from Surinder, Cycles and Stories, as well as heralding the return to live performance & recording by Simon Scardanelli in 2004 with Hobohemia, his first album after an eleven year gap.

Operating from
Vi-ViD Studios (Brighton, UK & Merleac, France) the label has limited releases planned for 2017/18. Resonator Records does not accept demo submissions. All releases are the personal choices of its founder. E mails with demos will be deleted, unheard. CDs sent will be destroyed, unplayed.

CD Catalogue

RESO101 -
Saurang Orchestra - Surinder Sandhu (2003)

RESO103 -
Cycles and Stories - Surinder Sandhu (2004)

RESO105 -
Hobohemia - Simon Scardanelli (2005)

RESO107 -
That Dangerous Sparkle - Simon Scardanelli (2007)

RESO108 -
Alien State of Mind - Simon Scardanelli (2008)

RESO109 -
Bed Of Nails - Simon Scardanelli (2008)

RESO112 -
Dark Dog Days - Dr Scardo (2013)

RESO113 -
Three Dances With Sam - Simon Scardanelli (2014)

RESO114 -
Make Us Happy - Simon Scardanelli (2016)

Digital only catalogue

RESOX101 -
Fun, Faith & Fairplay - Big Bam Boo (2008 re-issue of 1989 album)

RESOX102 -
The New York Tapes - Big Bam Boo (2008 first release of 1991 album)

RESOX103 -
Death Row Tales - The Eye Camera (2008 re-issue of 1994 album)

RESOX104 -
What In The World? - Simon Scardanelli (2016 re-issue of 1981 album)

RESOX105 -
Jesus & The Moon - Simon Scardanelli (2016)

RESOX106 -
Little Heart - Roxy Leah (2017)

All Resonator releases are available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon & most streaming services.

Resonator Records welcomes licensing enquiries from labels with International distribution.

Resonator Records does not accept demo submissions from any artists.

Resonator Records Brighton UK